Making the Most of Area Rugs

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Saturday, December 4th, 2010

The most important purpose of area rugs is to cover the floor which can sometimes be of rough surface and with this to give us softer area to comfortably walk on. The other important function is to give a special identity to our home, a recognizable style which at the same time implements our personality. This means we need to choose it with great care.

If we are in a search to buy a new area rug, we would have to consider the fact that there are so many different types and thus we need to learn how to distinguish them so that we can find the perfect match to suit our home. Area rugs can be placed in every corner of our home. They can even be used as wall hangings or backgrounds for parties. They can also take a variety of shapes like square, oval, round, hexagonal, rectangular and octagonal. We first need to consider the interior design effect we want to achieve in our home or the room we are decorating and then we can start matching the shape, color, material, pattern and design of the area rug.

The styles that are most often to be found in the stores are Oriental, Tibetan, Southwestern, Persian, and Contemporary. It is completely up to us to choose the style of our preference. There are different types of area rugs: hand-knitted, braided, natural, machine-woven, hand tuft and many others. The materials they are most often made of are: sisal, wool, cotton, synthetics, sea grass and bamboo. Some of these materials like sisal, sea grass and bamboo are 100% natural and earth friendly so when you choose to have an area rug made out of this material it is like you are bringing nature in your home. It is up to our imagination to turn the simply looking area rug into a perfect match to our leaving space. With just a little effort we can turn a usually unnoticed cheap area rug into a miracle decoration that can light up the whole room and add refine and elegant color and texture.

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