Lighting Systems for Patios

Mickey | Patio and Garden | Sunday, November 21st, 2010

There are many ads and campaigns promoting the use of these lights but it is important to keep in mind that solar lights have limitations on their application. On top of the list is the fact that solar lights are dependent of sunlight for it to be able to lit up. Unless you are on the tropics, you will not experience a sunny weather all year long. So in this regard, it would be best to have both solar lights and electrically wired lights at the patio. It will cost you lesser to purchase a combination of both types of lights and it will also make sure that the patio will have enough light all year long regardless of the weather condition.

At first, you would have to plan out the design of your solar patio light system. Where and how to place the lights is important so you will only visit the shopping store once. You have to think of the little details that you may need to install your lights. It’s important to note these details because it is better to miss out one or two lighting essentials than to not be able to install the lights because of many lacking parts.

Next is to define which lights would have to be solar powered and which ones would have to be electrically wired. Some landscape in the patio are better left untouched and digging trenches might not be a good idea so stick to placing solar lights there. For other areas that can be conveniently wired to the house power supply then if you are up to being handy with wires, do it. Walkway lighting is a highly popular type of solar patio light because they come in packs and can be installed in just a few minutes of your time.

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