Light Up the Future with Earthmate CFLs

Mickey | Home Improvement | Monday, November 29th, 2010

Global warming, deforestation, natural resource depletion, pollution and population growth are all placing question marks over the future health of the planet and its inhabitants. This is something that world leaders, no matter what their ideological persuasion, are increasingly beginning to understand and act upon. We should all do our part, and one simple thing that we can all do is buy cheap Earthmate CFLs.

Lighting accounts for about 9% of the total electricity bill for a home in the USA. This figure is so high because still the most common light found in the USA is the incandescent light bulb.

The incandescent light bulb is a dinosaur product that belongs in another era. It is highly inefficient because 90% of the energy it uses is lost as heat. Furthermore, incandescent light bulbs typify the philosophy of planned obsolescence: they keep pinging and need to be replaced. The resources needed to make incandescent light bulbs are considerable and the carbon throughput from mining for metal etc. to product being used by the end consumer is too high.

In contrast compact fluorescent light bulb technology is much more environmentally friendly. Since the late 1970s CFL technology has been improved and now CFLs are real eco friendly alternatives to incandescent light bulbs. This is especially true of Earthmate CFLs.

Earthmate CFLs use 75% less electricity than incandescent light bulbs and last thirteen times longer. That is a huge improvement on the incandescent light bulb.

By switching from incandescent light bulbs to Earthmate CFLs you can save between $200 and $300 a year on electricity bills. This reduction in electricity consumption means a reduction in carbon emissions from the power station where your utility company generates your power. And of course, reducing carbon emissions means addressing the problem of climate change.

Thus, by switching to Earthmate CFLs you are helping to ensure a better future for everyone; and in that sense buying Earthmate CFLs really does make the future a brighter place.

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