Light Pain Relief – New and Improved Techniques

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Friday, January 21st, 2011

Light Pain Relief


Regardless of how your pain was caused – a minor car accident, a fall while playing sports or simply being over tired – the most important thing is to get rid of the pain as best you can. There are various light therapy for pain relief options available that should have you feeling a lot better.

You may not have heard of infrared therapy, although it is actually not a new technique and has been around for years. It works by using a portable infrared device that when placed on a specific area of the body, shines an infrared light. This has the effect of increasing relaxation of the muscles with the heat emitted, thus helping to soothe the pain. It is a treatment option that an increasing number of people are benefitting from; it also has the big advantage that the treatment is completely natural. It is also safe for most people to use and unlike some medication, has no harmful or unpleasant side effects.

Light therapy treatment is not dissimilar to infrared therapy and uses a machine that gives off an energy field. This treatment has been proven to be effective for a variety of conditions and ailments, including fibromyalgia and arthritis, two particularly painful and uncomfortable conditions. It is also beneficial in treating people who are suffering from a lack of vitamin D in their body, such as those who have osteoporosis and psoriasis. The treatment works by having the patient exposed to light similar to that emitted by the sun, usually by sitting in front of a device designed for this purpose.

There are options for light pain relief and one of them will work for you and will help to make you feel better. However, you should always consult your doctor before trying any of these treatments out.

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