LED Vs. TFT – What’s Behind Different Samsung TVs?

Mickey | Electronics | Monday, February 21st, 2011

It’s easy to say that LED TVs are always better, but that’s unfortunately not the case. They’re better in most cases, and in this article I’ll explain why. Before I start, it’s important to put some of the naming conventions to their appropriate places.

Both LED and TFT TVs are based upon the same thin-film transistor panel, which makes them very similar to each other in most aspects. The only real difference is that while the former type uses light emitting diodes to produce backlight, the latter has fluorescent light tubes. The implications of this change are much more significant than you’d think.

The difference you’ll notice at first is the improved image quality. It’s not that these screens magically have a better resolution or crisper image at once, but their color representation and contrast ratio is greatly improved over older models. LEDs emit a better white light, which makes more finely calibrated TFT panels possible. All these are only visible when you take some time and check out each model in a local electronic store. Any description online doesn’t do justice to these screens.

Power consumption, on the other hand, can very well be described in sheer numbers. A Samsung TV that is fitted with LEDs instead of the old technology uses up to 40% less power, which can make a significant difference in your electricity bills. In case of smaller models, it’s not that big of a drop in your monthly bills, but as we begin to venture into the realm of 46″ amd bigger diagonal measurements, it’s going to be apparent.

This change alone makes a LED TV worth having over anything else; even with the higher up-front cost they’re going to work out to have a lower total cost of ownership over a longer period.

Durability is important, and not only during shipping. LEDs are almost indestructible when compared to the glass fluorescent tubes. They’re well fitted against physical atrocities, such as shocks, knocks, vibration, temperature extremities and changes in ambient pressure. People living in Denver better use a LED TV, because they’re not prone to flickering an buzzing due to the 5,200 ft altitude.

All these benefits strongly imply that a Samsung LED TV is always a better choice than a simple TFT screen. That’s not true; if you only want a cheap screen that costs as little as it possibly can, with no regards to the list of features, you want a TFT. In every other case I suggest you consider having a LED TV.

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