Learning To Lose Weight Fast

Mickey | General,Health and Wellness | Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

The first time I started exercising and setting up my fitness program, I realized that I was doing something wrong. Progress was great at the start and I was dropping fat left and right. I trimmed down to 190 pounds but I realized that I weighed less but I was still nowhere near my goal of having a ripped body. I was confused and frustrated that I put in so much effort to work out well to lose weight fast but I still did not get the results that I wanted. When I look back at it, my efforts were more than enough but I had hit a wall. The exercise wasn’t doing anything for me and I didn’t understand why and I need to lose weight fast.

Later on, I learned that what had happened to me was known as the plateau effect. A plateau effect is defined as an extended period of time during weight loss efforts where there is no weight loss according to the scale and no loss of inches according to the tape measure. This is the law of diminishing returns where doing the same exercise routine repeatedly like doubling your cardio workout will automatically double the amount of calories that you burn. It is rare and it can happen to some of us but eventually you will hit a plateau again.

Our body is an astonishing machine that tends to stabilize at a certain body composition when it thinks that it is losing more fat than it should. This is a defense mechanism that your body initiates to prevent from too much fat loss which is interpreted by your body as a physical danger. This exercise will be seen as a potential hazard by your body and will start to regulate after a while if you go on with this same pattern.

Your body adjusts to your consistent actions after three to four weeks and later on it will require alterations in intensity or type of exercise so that you will keep getting impressive results such as an increase in .5% lean mass or a loss of .5% of body fat.

This is done to keep your body guessing and is called muscle confusion. You have to shift around your food and calories so that you can also lose weight fast through nutrition. If you want to lose weight fast through fitness, a variety of exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight fast and it is needed to keep getting results. Variety adds the excitement to life and the key to consistent good results.

These are just a few options but it will be a big help to your efforts in losing weight fast. You can also search for the best diet to lose weight fast. Of course, all of these healthy ways to lose weight fast will not matter if you do not measure your body fat percentage and measure it weekly.

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