Laptops For Christmas 2010

Mickey | Electronics | Friday, December 3rd, 2010

If you want to buy laptops for Christmas 2010, it is a good idea to browse through some of the features of this years models so that you can determine which laptop is the best fit for every person on your list. Although most of the laptops are affordable, they become even more affordable if you qualify for computer financing. Here is a break down of some of the products you will find while shopping.

Compaq Presario

This model is a good looking, not too expensive laptop that runs well for everyday use, and it even offers a one touch option to access some of its most popular programs including the internet.

Toshiba Satellite Models

This laptop is very good for anyone who loves to watch films or listen to music.  It comes with 3D viewing options and great speakers.


HP makes a few different laptops that work well for daily use of emailing, typing, or cruising the internet.  They are also notorious for their great user support.

Apple Macbook

Apple thinks this model is their most universal model, meaning that it works well for most users.  The battery can last up to ten hours which is a definite boon for a user on the go. It has a lot of features that aid in multimedia use, most notably a built in video camera for chatting in person with another computer user.  It is less than five pounds and not much more than an inch thick.

Apple Macbook Air

This design is even thinner than the other model discussed above.  It can come with an 11 or a 13 inch screen and lasts five to seven hours with the battery.

There are more than enough options when you are shopping for laptops for Christmas 2010, and you can probably buy one for everyone on your list when you apply for computer financing.

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