Ladies Leather Jackets Make Versatile Wardrobe Picks

Mickey | Fashion | Monday, February 7th, 2011

Shopping online for a leather jacket can be easier than you think. Keep in mind a few quality considerations and design elements and you can find the perfect jacket. If you like the look of leather, but want to save money or prefer not to buy products made from animals, there are many great leather-look garments available.

Start with an idea of the colors and styles you prefer. If this is your first one, opt for a basic color such as black, tan or white. Look for simple lines and a minimum of detailing. This will give you a versatile wardrobe item that you can wear with many outfits. If you already own leather, adding a piece with extra pizzazz will give you many more looks. Both the Littlewoods Catalogue and Argos have many quality jackets to choose among.

Faux leather is often made of 100% heavy duty polyester. It may still require professional cleaning in order to maintain its high quality look. Check the description details to see if it is advertised as both soft and sturdy, two great descriptives for excellent wearability.

Types of leather vary. Jackets made of lamb will be the lightest and softest. It usually shows fewer scratches or crests on the skin so the leather achieves a more uniform appearance. Outer garments made from cows and sheep can also be quite beautiful. Consider the lining. If you want extra warmth in your garment, watch for thinsulate or other materials described as protecting against cold winds.

Next, consider the style. If you have a pear-shaped body with hips and bust of nearly equal measurements, almost any cut and length will flatter you. Those with heavier bottoms will want to look for hemlines that will hit above or below the natural hipline.

To offset a thicker waist, go for a motorcycle style jacket. Boxier cuts do not call attention to the waist. When you are buying outerwear that will go with you to work, then out again at night, keep your choice more versatile by picking out a look with a lapel that you can tone down during the day and sass up for your evenings out.

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