Is an Airbrush Makeup System In Your Future?

Mickey | General | Sunday, December 5th, 2010

Airbrushing is used on movie stars and models when they require perfect makeup, especially for close-ups. It is also being used by women at home that want a great makeup job and can afford the cost of an airbrush makeup system.

Airbrushing makeup is the application of cosmetics, which are applied, to any skin using an airbrush compressor. Makeup can be applied by spraying through a special type of pen or a wand, which is attached to the compressor.

This form of application provides an even clean look to the skin and comes out flawless. Makeup artists that work on several actors and actresses make good use of airbrushing techniques, because it is sanitary and the wand used for application never does touch the skin. Therefore, repeated use of the wand does not require any messy cleanup from one person to the next. Looks are easily changed with the addition of more layers of makeup after the previous coat dries. Using a makeup kit provides long lasting coverage for about 16 hours or longer.

Water-based and silicone makeup are the two preferred types used in airbrushing techniques. Water-based airbrushing is most often used by everyday women for easy coverage. Professional makeup artists prefer to use silicone based makeup when applying makeup to people on the movie sets. The main reason that most women use the water-based form is because it is affordable in comparison to silicone-based makeup. However, be careful when spraying if you already have mink lash extensions, for example, applied, because if the lash adhesive might be broken down by the airbrushing.

Using this great type of makeup allows people to color-match their specific skin tone and this type of technique offers maximum control when makeup is applied. More people are beginning to use airbrush makeup kits for themselves enjoying the flawless results. Most people that have tried this type of application and learn proper techniques say there is no comparison to other methods of applying makeup.

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