Introduction to Water Damage Restoration

Mickey | Home Improvement | Monday, December 13th, 2010

The water damage restoration industry has evolved substantially over the years. The industry includes water extraction from floods, other natural disasters, broken pipes, rainwater, sewage backflows, etc.; mold removal and remediation; and many other elements associated with preventing progressive material damage and amplification of microorganisms. The primary concern of the water damage restoration industry is to minimize the potential adverse health effects associated with these types of events.

Water damage restoration and repair techniques have advanced substantially over the past several decades. The industry started out with the original concept of wet-vacuuming water out of affected properties and then air-drying structures, components, furniture and even personal belongings by opening windows. That simple approach has now evolved into the use of highly-sophisticated and specialized equipment that aids in the detection of water within structures and building materials such as drywall, rapid water extraction through truck-mounted machines, treatment for mold and mildew.

The reason why the industry has grown so significantly in the past several decades stems largely from the evolving realization, backed by scientific discovery, that water damage affects not only the structure and contents of buildings but more importantly individual and public health. Like second-hand smoke, mold spores and other fungi can cause serious health issues for anyone exposed to affected areas, especially over prolonged periods of time. Furthermore, water damage cleaning is not inherently intuitive since the aspects that pose the greatest threat to public health are often invisible or difficult to detect through observation. Specialized equipment is needed to repair water damage and restore properties back to their pre-loss condition.

The water damage repair and restoration industry aims to eradicate the spread of harmful microorganisms through rapid response to and treatment of water damage events. The techniques and equipment used by these industry professionals will continue to evolve, thus providing the public with a valuable protective service to further ensure a high standard of living within personal residences, businesses and commercial centers.

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