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Editor | MLM Training Tips | Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Have you ever decided NOT to do business with someone because you thought they were “small time” or unprofessional? The goal of this program is that no one ever thinks that about your business.

I’m Tami DuBose and I look forward to sharing Home Based Business Basics for the Entrepreneur with you. I want to insure you work like a pro in your business ventures.

What qualifies me to teach this program? Even better, who? My dad.

My dad has always been self employed. He’s also retired from the military. My four siblings and I learned early the basics of business and systems.

I grew up in a time where there was only one phone per family, not family member. We even had a party line when we moved to New Roads, Louisiana in the early 70s.

For those of you too young to remember party lines, no, it’s not one of those late night 900 numbers. We shared a phone line with the neighbors. Two short rings meant the call was for us. One long ring indicated the call was for our neighbors, the Guidrozes.

You’d often hear my mom, “Mrs. Guidroz, you can hang up now. I have it. Thank you.” Mrs. Guidroz was a nosy neighbor who lived vicariously through my mom’s phone calls.

I remember how diplomatic my father was when he recognized clients would be calling a house full of children and the odds were in our favor to be answering the phone. He was outnumbered and often out of the house. “When an adult calls, always take a message.

I want their full name and phone number. Always ask how to spell their name. It makes them feel important.” You and I know that doesn’t make anyone feel important. My dad knew if he had to rely on our spelling, he’d never know who called.

Once I entered the world of home based business, I took for granted the many lessons I learned from my dad until I started calling on other entrepreneurs.

I was appalled with the lack of business basics. I thought most of it was common sense. I didn’t realize everyone else didn’t grow up with a military system of household and business basics. Business etiquette is learned, just like table manners.

If mom and dad didn’t teach it, odds are good you have to find it somewhere else.

So, I wrote this program, Home Based Business Basics for the Entrepreneur, making the transition from the W2 mentality to the 1099 mentality.

Essentially, as W2 employees someone else is in control of our day and for some, the thinking is often left to someone else. Once we become self employed, self responsibility becomes our daily mantra and I consider that the 1099 mentality.

In this program, I’ll tell you how to create the perfect home based business environment and what tools are needed to make you a pro.

Come back for the next module where I’ll share the one secret only you can know about your business. . .

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