Inexpensive Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Mickey | Financial Services | Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Auto insurance is a requirement to drive a vehicle in every single state. There are many different types of penalties for driving without auto insurance depending on which state you live in. These can range from a simple fine all the way up to losing your driving privileges. It can be relatively easy to find an insurance rate to fit into your budget and keep you safe and legal on the road.

Full coverage auto insurance is a form of insurance that has more coverage than liability only. Full coverage means that no matter what happens to your car your insurance should cover most of the costs to repair the damage. This can be anything from a fender bender on the highway to a tree branch falling on your car in a storm. All of that is covered with this form of insurance. It is typically more expensive than the liability only insurance because your company is taking on more risks than they do with someone who has only the basics. Basic insurance will cover costs of repairs of the other person’s vehicle only in a car accident. This means the company is taking on less risk than those with full coverage. Full coverage is great if the additional cost fits into your budget and its something you feel you could benefit from.

Finding cheap high risk auto insurance is another tricky matter. You are considered high risk if you have excessive speeding tickets, DUI’s, or other marks on your driving record. All of these things raise your insurance rates. In order to find inexpensive insurance if you are high risk, you will need to shop around. It also would benefit you to take a defensive driving class and see if any of the tickets are more than three years old. After three years they no longer count for some companies and a class could help reduce your rates also. If you stay with the same company for more than a year you can also qualify for cheaper rates. Auto insurance is mandatory in all states, but it should not break the bank. Finding inexpensive insurance is all about comparing rates to find what is best for you.

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