Industrial Floor Paint

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Industrial Floor Paint


Floor coating refers to the protective paint applied to a surface to prevent damage from corrosion, resistance to fire and other factors. Many polymers are used in the manufacture of industrial floor paint. They include fluro-polymer, polyurethane, epoxy, etc. The process of painting allows the surface to become opaque. Today, paints come in varying colors and shades. These colors are obtained from various pigments and dyes.

In the past, paints were made from egg yolk and pigments were made from sand, soil, plants and seeds. These days, there are natural as well as synthetic pigments. The natural pigments are made from calcium carbonate, silica, clays and talc. While synthetic pigments are made from blanc fix, calcite clays, and so on.

In addition, to have consistency, there is a substance called a filler that is used. Most paints contain fillers that are commonly made from lime, barite and clay. It can be noticed that in the recent past, titanium dioxide has been used more widely for its durability. Besides, there is also something called additives that are used in the manufacture of paints. These additives are added to give good surface finish and control skinning.

Industrial paints include not only emulsion paints but also varnish, enamel paints, glaze, wood stains, etc. People who are exposed to the odor of these paints can be affected. Inhalation of these toxins can affect the health, too. Therefore, steps had been taken to produce paints that are not harmful. The zero Volatile Organic Compounds paints and the low VOC paints were an outcome of this effort. These paints are widely used now and they seem to be cost effective, too. Industrial floor paints are sold at all hardware shops and epoxy paints are one of the popular paints in the world. The industrial floor paints add richness to the building.

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