I’m Finally Going into Vending Full Time

Mickey | Business | Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

I’ve been in vending for just over three years. I started in November 2007 with a purchase of a small 18 vending machine route. At the time I bought the route I was burned out on my job and looking to do something different, so I was hoping that vending was the answer. I wasn’t really sure about what to expect, but, in my head, I was thinking it would take me about two years to transition into vending full time. Fast forward three years and…… Well, not a lot has happened. I’m up to about 35 machines, so I’ve made an effort, but clearly no where even close to being full time.

Well, I got some good news/bad news. The good news is that I’m getting into vending full time. The bad news is that it’s happening in a somewhat traumatic way. I realized that at the rate I was going, I was on track for being full time in vending sometime around the year 2052, so I was finally kicking into gear and really working on my route. I was planning to expand my route over the winter and then sometime in the spring or summer, go into vending full time, but all this changed when I was laid off in my job. Although it’s a bit of a shock to get laid off when you’re not 100% ready, who knows, maybe it will be just the thing to kick me into overdrive. It’s both exciting and terrifying.

Since I do have three years experience, I know exactly what it will take for me to get my route up to the point that it can provide me with a full time income. For example, I know that I need to get cracking on locating 300 machines, in order to just financially scrape by. Once I have 300 machines working, I can then relax a little and hopefully eventually get up to 500 machines which will then provide me with the income I need.

Although this hasn’t worked out exactly like I expected, buying that small 18 vending machine route may turn out to be the best purchase I ever made.

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