If you are concerned about lead in crystal chandeliers

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Saturday, December 11th, 2010
When people think of crystal quite often they think of a natural mineral formation, when in reality the crystal we most commonly know such as Venetian crystal or Bohemian crystal are actually made of  glass with added lead to give it more sparkle and  the ability to better reflect the light. As it contains lead it will raise an alarm bell in many people, after all lead is a well known poison.
It is true that you will have to be careful when using crystal dishware as the small quantity of lead contained in the crystal can leach out into the food or drinks. Don’t worry too much though, this does not happen overnight, the food or drink would have to stay in the crystal container for several weeks before becoming contaminated and it has to be food with a high acidic or alcoholic content. While you should never store your whisky in a crystal decanter, a crystal chandelier in your home would be safe.
Now that you know that you can have a crystal chandelier in your home you will have to decide which style would be the best  for you. Crystal chandeliers come in many designs and they are not all inspired by the past, there are some very modern designs around that would even look great in a city flat and not just in a royal palace. The internet is always such a great tool to find inspiration and the latest trends.
Italian and Danish contemporary designers are also very good in creating stunning glass chandeliers if you feel that crystal is not for you. Alternatively according to your room decor you will be able to find chandeliers made of different materials. If you want a rustic look for instance you could consider a wood or an antler chandelier. If you want something that creates stunning light effects try a shell or beaded chandelier.
You might also be interested in a chandelier made with recycled material, there are some very beautiful and original designs out there. Most chandeliers today will be electrical but if you are looking for a chandelier to use with real candles you should find one quite easily.

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