Ideas on how to decorate a small apartment

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Sunday, January 30th, 2011

“Do it yourself,” the home centers tell their customers and that is exactly what most customers at home centers have in mind. Decorating small places can be anything from an apartment’s toilet to the same apartment’s entranceway. Let’s say we are going to decorate a small living room. Imagine we, you and I, are standing in the doorway of this living room and thinking about what needs to be done. First, the carpets are horrendous, beer stained, dog stained, and you’re pretty sure something is living in it. Those carpets have to go. Next the sofa – broken springs, the same beer stains and that damned dog must have had an accident on it as well. “We’re going to need one of those sectional sofas for small spaces,” You nod in agreement. So the carpets and the sofa are history, what else? “The wallpaper is shocking,” you suggest, “let’s change that as well.” I agree and add it to the list. Next is paint, I figure painting around the window frames will make the room brighter. You agree – on the list. Pretty soon our list is complete and with credit card in my pocket, we head off to the home center to buy all that is needed for decorating small places, sectional sofas for small spaces we also plan to purchase.

Arriving at the home center, we march in, take a trolley and start our search for the gear. It isn’t long before we find the sectional sofas for small spaces collection and after arguing about color for a few minutes, settle on blue, dark blue. We’re off again loading the trolley with glue, brushes, cans of paint, wallpaper, carpets, you name it, and it’s in the trolley. At the check out the smiling young lady tells us the cost and as I hand her my card she asks, “You guys doing some decorating?” “Yep,” I reply, “decorating small places.” She smiles and asks me to punch in my pin number. Back at the apartment, the work commences and over a four day weekend, it’s completed – a new apartment, well… a new living room at least. Next week’s the kitchen.

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