Ideas for Dinner Table Decoration

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Friday, November 26th, 2010

Are you pondering how to decorate your dinner table? It is not always easy to find an idea for a dinner table setting, but once you come up with one good idea you like, you can build the whole theme on that idea. The easiest way to find that special something is to browse pictures online or read magazines about home décor. Creating a memorable dinner table setting doesn’t have to be expensive either. Make things yourself and buy inexpensive things, like cheap wine glasses.

Tablecloths and Napkins
If you choose to use a tablecloth, remember that it will be the largest item on the table and will have a huge effect on the rest of the decoration. White is the most common color for tablecloths, but it can be spiced up with table runners. A table runner is placed in the middle of the table. One very elegant option is to put a black runner on a white table cloth or vice versa. Then add the tableware, black or gold napkins and perhaps some single roses in vases in the middle to give some color. This setting is extremely stylish.

Napkins can be chosen according to your theme. Paper napkins come in every possible color and theme you can imagine, but if you have cloth napkins at home and they would go with your decor otherwise, you can make them more special with some funky napkin rings.

Countries and Cultures
You can also go for a country or a culture theme. How about a Spanish style dinner table with yellow and red, and some black bull ornaments and sombreros here and there? A Parisian theme would naturally have red, white and blue and some Eiffel towers. Or an Eskimo winter theme with white and blue? This one is easy. Take some blue wine glasses and blue napkins and perhaps add some silver here and there. That may well be enough for creating a cool, calm, wintery feeling. Luckily the mood will be warm on the dinner!

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