Ideas for Decorating Your Bathroom

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

A bathroom is a room in your home that is one of the most commonly used. When stepping into the room you want it to emanate warmth and comfort. All parts of the bathroom should be considered when making decorative choices.

You can add a colorful shower curtain with designs on it. For sure you should have some sort of shelving unit. This looks good and adds functionality as well. Shelving is available in many forms but tiered shelves tend to look slightly better on the wall.  This provides you with space for a variety of decor items plus essentials.

The sink and cabinet are the most viewed areas. As such, they are also the most simple to decorate. Soap holders can be found in many colors and with a multitude of patterns and styles. Even toothbrush holders come in different types. Your towel hanger can reflect elegance if made of brushed nickel or antique bronze material. A mirror can suit your needs whether you want a simple one or a decorative mirror design. Even a drinking cup in the bathroom can be stylish.

Towel bars and cabinets are dependent upon the bathroom. Wood or metal are available in different styles. You can have completely open cabinets or ones with doors. Open shelving gives the chance to show off the hues of your towels. Wallpaper can add to a space as well. Try a quieter color like pink and match it with nice pictures and possibly some flowers.

Having a full size mirror on the door gives all family members an opportunity to see themselves in all the glory of a new outfit. Whether its Mom with a new outfit or the son getting ready for his very first date. The mirror could look fantastic with a bunch of flowers around it that matches the rest of the decorations. Every time you enter your updated bathroom you should be comforted by the warm atmosphere.

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