HPS Grow Light – A Right-Hand Tool For The Indoor Gardener

Mickey | Patio and Garden | Sunday, November 21st, 2010

HPS Grow Light


Every gardener knows how much important sunlight is for a plant to attain its natural growth. When it comes to indoor gardening, one has to make sure that the plants get sufficient light for its growth. This is where HPS grow lights comes into picture.

A discussion on this product will definitely be incomplete without mentioning what a grow light is. This may be defined as a lamp that runs on electricity which has been specifically designed for the progress of the plant. It helps an indoor gardener to create similar conditions like that of an outdoor atmosphere and stimulate the growth of flowers and vegetation. Examples of the different types of grow lights out there include LED grow lights, CFL grow lights, HPS grow lights, MH grow lights and incadescent grow lights.

This product has become popular among professional indoor gardeners because of its energy efficiency and long life. Generally, it is used during the reproductive stage of a plant.

General features:

The product lasts longer than its other counterparts. It has the capacity to last for at least two years if used with proper care and caution. It is energy efficient too since it produces six times amount of light using the same energy as that of an ordinary condescend grow light.

A unique structure of its own:

Unlike other grow lights, this one uses sodium gas to produce a red color-spectrum light which boosts the flowering of the plant.

A small note of precaution:

Remember, if it is used during the first stage of a plant’s growth, it may have a long, leggy growth. If you prefer to use a HPS grow light during the whole phase of vegetation, it is always desirable to opt for a combination of metal halide grow lights and an HPS grow lights. Do not forget to use a ballast to control the power supply. The ballast will make sure that the light gets power to work smoothly and make sure that the power does not become excessive so as to explode. While using it, make sure to maintain certain distance from the plants since the heat from the light may burn them. As an added precaution, you may use the product in conjunction with a special air-cooled bulb, this is especially true if you are using your HPS light inside of a mini indoor greenhouse.

However, if used with great precaution, this light is sure to be an added advantage and a means to nourish your indoor garden.

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