How to Use Stainless Steel Appliances with Country Kitchen Decor

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

The two most popular design styles right now really seem to be contrasting. We are seeing a lot of stainless steel appliances which are part of the more contemporary design styles. However, farmhouse kitchens also really seem to be taking over. These two things when combined together can at first seem a little bit outdated if you don’t pay special attention to the specific design.

One thing that you’re going to really want to consider is making this blend in. A great way to do this is to bring in gray which is also a very popular decorating color. In fact, if you have dated wood cabinetry you can just try painting it a light gray. This is going to be a daring design thats still neutral. This way it doesn’t contrast against the stainless steel. However, it’s still going to show up just because of the sparkle.

You can also really find ways to decorate your appliances quite inexpensively to match classic kitchens or farmhouse kitchens. Usually people just put a decorative towel over the stove handle. You can really do this very intentionally and tie it into the country kind of design style. A great way to do this is going to be with more of a flour sack towel. It can have more of an elegant print such as damask or a woven tapestry kind of design style that’s going to be very country but it’s going to be elegant enough to stand against the stainless steel.

You can also play around a lot with your magnets that you actually put on the fridge. Just a matching set is going to be a lot chicer then your typical repairman or magnets that you get out of the Yellow Pages. You can accomplish this quite easily just by hot gluing decorative rocks on top of magnets. It then clears off a lot of the clutter on your fridge. You can implement a message board system in the rest of your home. However, when you’re paying the money for a stainless steel fridge you should really show it off. However, you can still add in a few of these accents to really tie it in with the country design style quite inexpensively.

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