How to Train Your Downline Using Squidoo

Editor | MLM Training Tips,Social Media Networks | Monday, July 6th, 2009

Squidoo lenses and Google Knols are a great way to provide MLM training, hints, tips and advice using training modules that teach the principles of attraction marketing.

You can use each Squidoo lens or Knol to teach an important aspect of the bigger picture by creating a step-by-step lesson plan that will lead your new prospects by the hand to learn how to be more effective in their sales and approaches.

When you devote one lens to each bit of personal development, you’re teaching them how to do what you do. You can then feature books using Amazon, ClickBank or PayDotCom to provide more information on a particular point. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to be sure to link those pages together in logical order.

Here are a few ideas that you could offer for your MLM training:
• How to prospect the smart way

• How to communicate with your warm prospects

• How to create their own lead generation program

• How to be a people person

• How to dress for success and act the part

• How to demonstrate the products or use the services

When you first joined your program, your upline more than likely had some form of training such as: books, brochures, tapes, and videos. Use it to your own advantage by making them easily accessible to your new downline members.

Use your upline’s training if it’s appropriate or share them as a technique that you didn’t offer in your own training program. Think about what you wanted to ask or what you needed when you were trained and offer those techniques.

There is no reason why you can’t create your own training materials. You can even produce a video or two using a Flip video camera or Camtasia and distribute it with YouTube in no time at all.

You should learn how to use an autoresponder to that capture emails and keep in touch with your prospects on a regular basis. An autoresponder can be a very essential tool to keep everything tied together.

Because it’s not possible to keep in touch with everyone in your downline on a personal level, you should use regular email messages that feature topics of interest or news that will lead them to your main website or one of your lenses.

You need to become the leader of your downline by maintaining your own MLM training website that is easy to understand. Of course you may already think that because your MLM program has a “back room” for each distributor, you don’t need to. But, it isn’t the same as personally staying in touch with everyone in your downline yourself.

As a leader, you need to take the initiative and develop a central site where your members can check out the latest news and you can offer the newest training techniques in the form of mp3s and videos. You may want to consider for this purpose if you like that type of layout.

Consider placing key questions that are highlighted on the sidebar of your site, so that they’re linked to your other pages or lenses. Your lenses should answer the questions and offer training materials and products that are helpful and that will increase your new prospects confidence and knowledge.

It’s very easy to put together your own network of social networking pages that can help build your downline’s knowledge base and make them feel a lot more confident in their decision to sign up with your business in the first place.

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