How to Set Up a Squidoo Marketing Funnel

Hopefully you now know that you need to write articles for your lenses and other Web 2.0 sites and blogs, because article marketing, or educational marketing is what works in today’s Web 2.0 world…So what’s next?

Well, what the big-money earners do is set up a Marketing Funnel.

First thing’s first. Statistics show that a person must be exposed to an idea at least 7 times before they’re willing to accept it. So instead of writing an entire Squidoo lens or blog post on “why you have to have my MLM” you should start at the beginning.

You will need to break things down into much smaller steps. While you could actually put your entire education process all on one Squidoo lens or Hub Page, it will be better of you use a different lens or HubPage for each of the steps in your pre-recruiting phase.

So you set up a series of Squidoo lenses or Hub Pages, each covering a step of your process.

So let’s say you want to convince people that they really should get into an MLM business with you. And you’re going to put your information out for the world to see on Squidoo.

(Or HubPages, or a WordPress blog, or a Blogger blog, whatever…)

So, for your first lens you’ll start with dream building. You should create a lens that’s sole purpose is about the freedom you’ve achieves by becoming your own boss. You might want to base your next lens on how easy it is to have a home business and some of the perks like tax advantages.
Now you’re ready to teach your prospects about the various kinds of home businesses:

•  Service businesses such as website design, virtual assistant or computer programming.

•   Product/sales businesses, which include MLM or information on product creation.

Your next lens should talk about the advantages of working with a supplier that would be like a drop shipper or deliver via email any orders directly to the customer or handle any technical issues of the service business.

You will also want to include a lens on the advantages of residual income. You need to spend a decent amount of time on this because most people just don’t understand the advantages of doing something one time and having it pay for a lifetime.

Once you’ve finished your step-by-step lens-to-lens pre-training, your prospects will be ready to learn all about your MLM. Once you’re to this point, your prospects will have hopefully given you their contact information using one of your live opt in forms on your lens requesting more information.

This is a process called a Marketing Funnel. You bring your prospects into your “funnel” at your first article, and then move them along the educational process in your funnel until they come out the bottom as a customer or distributor.

For more information on setting up a marketing funnel for your business, give me a call.

Tami DuBose
Tami (at) TamiDuBose (dot) com

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