How To Select Army Based Lego Sets

Mickey | Shopping | Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

For children who are interested in the army but aren’t quite mature enough for real military memorabilia, Lego army sets can be a great alternative.  They’re kid-friendly and are enjoyed by many.  Legos are also a good way for kids to express their creativity.  When buying a Lego army set, there are a few points you should keep in mind.

First, it’s important to choose something that fits the age group you’re buying for.  Legos can be used by people of any age, including adults who make models from the pieces.  There may be sets available full of tiny Lego pieces for military enthusiasts to make their own models.  These are fun for older people but not the right set for children.  It’s generally easy to tell which are meant for serious builders and which are meant for children.  Bigger pieces and more characters and specialized Legos points to a set made for kids.

The price is going to be another consideration of course.  If you’re planning to buy a Lego army set for Christmas, a birthday, or some other event that you’ll purchase for in advance, it may help to set a budget beforehand.  This will keep you from spending more than you intended to.  You can look through only the sets that are in your price range.  Sets with more pieces are almost always more expensive than others.  The advantage to large sets, however, is that you get more for your money.  Again, if you set a budget before you shop, you can’t go wrong.

Finally, try to fine tune the set to the child’s interests.  If you’re getting them army Legos, they’re definitely interested in the military to some extent.  However, some kids like a more futuristic approach while others prefer the classic army style.  There are many Lego sets available so there should be a wide selection to choose from.  The Hero Factory set features the same military style and weaponry you’d find with other Lego sets, but it’s intertwined with a bit of sci-fi which can be really appealing to some children.

You can find Lego toy army men sets in toy stores, online, and in other stores that carry similar items.  Lego sets make fantastic gifts because they’re so versatile, not to mention durable.  So, if you decide to purchase any next time you’re shopping for gifts, you’ll now be well prepared.

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