How to Make Fashionable Baby Headbands

Mickey | Fashion | Friday, February 4th, 2011

Dressing up baby girls can be very fun and you can add up to their fashion by including a baby headband for each outfit they wear. However, instead of buying them, you can save money and make them on your own.


Half inch wide elastic
Needle and thread
Ribbons or patterned fabric
Embellishments and designs
Cigarette lighter
Glue gun

Size Guide

You don’t want your headband to be too loose or too tight so here’s how much elastic you will need according to their ages:

Newborns- 12-inch elastic
Four to twelve months old- 15-inch elastic
One to three years old- 17-inch elastic


Take both sides of the elastic. Using the cigarette lighter, seal the ends. This is to make sewing easier and to avoid frayed ends.

Take the ends of the elastic and sew them together. Keep the sealed sides tucked inside to hide it. You know how babies love to tug so to make it stronger, double the stitch if you have to.

Get your ribbon or fabric and carefully glue it to the elastic. For this step, be careful in using the glue gun to avoid small bumps.

Lastly, decorate your headband with your embellishments. Since children love to tug, make sure that it’s stuck tight to the headband.

Supply Stores for Baby Headbands

It’s fun to make a lot of baby headbands, some that can even match a particular outfit. For supplies and embellishments, you can try these craft stores:
AC Moore- Aside from being an easy-to-find store, they offer discount coupons every week. Just check your local paper and bring the coupons when you shop at the store.

Michaels- Like AC Moore, their store is also easy to find with branches all over. – An online store that has unique items and reasonable shipping rates.

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