How to Handle Rejection in Dating

Mickey | General | Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

No one likes to be rejected when it comes to dating but it happens on a regular basis.  It is unlikely that you will ever go for your entire lifetime without getting rejected.  It might help to know that even the best looking people with the biggest bank accounts get rejected too.  In fact, you will likely see stories on the television about celebrity breakups all the time, and those can happen without someone getting rejected.  But how does a regular person handle it when they’re told they are unwanted?  The first step is to not take thing so personally and understand that this is a natural part of life.  That is obviously a lot easier said than done but the alternative is to obsess over the problem until it begins to impact the way you go about things.

After a bad rejection the best thing to do is to just take a step back and try to assess the situation.  Figure out what has led you to this point in the first place rather than jumping back into the game and trying to forget about the pain.  Some people make the mistake of brushing up on dating tips and then getting into another relationship where they suffer the same fate.  It’s a lot smarter to allow yourself time to grieve if necessary and to come up with another plan of attack.

Remember that rejection might not have anything to do with you personally.  Even if you get rejected after several years in a relationship it might be because the other person has grown apart from you.  That isn’t necessarily your fault and it’s something that happens when people are engaged in relationships for a long period of time.  Sometimes it’s better to know now than to let a relationship drag on until both people are extremely unhappy.  Remember there are no love spells that will force people to stay together if the relationship is truly over. More love advice at

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