How To Clean The Manual Burr Coffee Grinder

Mickey | Kitchen | Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

I don’t know about you; but when it comes to spring cleaning, I have to make a list of all the arduous chores that need doing (you know, the ones you do once, maybe twice a year at most?) because it’s simply not something that I do enough on a regular basis to be able to remember it at the top of my head. Things like vacuuming underneath the beds or behind the closet; if I don’t write these down I’ll only remember when I have finished my spring clean. Another thing I always forget to do is clean my manual burr coffee grinder.

How I can ‘forget’ to clean it is simply beyond me as I tend to glimpse at it at least once a day – how could I not when it’s sat there on my kitchen worktop? You might wonder why you’d have to clean it out but the fact is over time and use the coffee grinder has a small build up of ground coffee – even the powder – that slowly builds up after each and every use. It’s not like a powder that can just be tossed away; the coffee beans leave behind natural oil that when left will eventually become rancid and spoil the coffee beans that I grind. This in turn creates an acidic flavor to the ground coffee that tastes absolutely horrific, no matter which brand of coffee or coffee maker you use!

That is why the manual Burr coffee grinder should be cleaned regularly with an intensive clean carried out at least once every few months. If you have the operators manual then follow the guidelines for cleaning the coffee grinder from that. If you don’t have a manual you could try and source one online.

Dismantle the coffee grinder carefully taking note of where each piece goes. The removable parts should be cleaned gently with a mild and warm soapy solution using a small brush or old toothbrush. Make sure that you remove all the excess oil and then either allow them to air dry or pat them dry gently with a clean tea towel. Reassemble the coffee grinder and proceed with cleaning the exterior of the coffee grinder with a soft cloth that has been dampened in a fresh soapy solution. You will then need to add a cup of rice to the grinder and grind it up; remove the rice from the grinder. The reason for doing this is to sharpen the blades and to ensure that the machine has been cleaned properly. It is now ready for use again. You only need to use the rice every few months to clean the coffee grinder as normal cleaning once a week/fortnight should decrease the build up of oil.

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