How to Buy the Best Bedding for Your Canopy Bed

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Monday, January 3rd, 2011

If you want a comfortable sleep, you need a good bed. However, a bed is not enough. You also need great bedding. Without bedding, your sleep will not be that good. It is quite hard to sleep in a hard and cold bed. Just like the beds themselves, bedding is sold in most department stores. Just like the variety of wood canopy beds, there are numerous options available for bedding. You need to make sure that you purchase bedding which is suitable for your budget and your preference.

A lot of people prefer cotton because it is a natural fiber which is breathable. Egyptian and Pima cotton is considered by a lot of people as the best fabric. This type of fabric is very soft and durable and it is also highly resistant to pilling. Pima cotton is grown in North America, while Egyptian cotton is of course, grown in Egypt. However, they are sent somewhere else in the world to be made as bedding. Organic cotton is the healthier alternative to cotton.

The thread count is one of the most important things to consider when talking about bedding. The higher the thread count a fabric has, the softer, better and stronger the fabric is supposed to be. If you do not know what thread count is, it is the number of threads for every square inch of the fabric. This is also the same as the density of the weave.  Bedding of at least a thread count of 400 are highly recommended b y experts.

Before a lay your money on the counter, make sure that you already checked the bedding. Feel the bedding.  Even if your bedding has a very high thread count, if you are not comfortable with it, you are not going to use it and you won’t like it. Always check first. The best bedding will make your canopy bed even better.

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