How to Buy Body Pillow Cases

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Body pillows are now available in many stores and more and more people are discovering how comfortable they are to sleep with. With proper care, you can protect your investment and your body pillow will last a long time. In order to protect your body pillow from dirt, stains and the natural oils from your skin, you should always keep it covered with a high quality pillow case.

Of course, body pillow cases are not quite as easy to buy as cases for regular bed pillows. The body pillow probably came with one pillow case, but it really a good idea to have at least one extra case. You can return to the shop or the website where you purchased the body pillow to see if you can buy an extra case. You can also buy them at discount stores, department stores and online if you have a common size body pillow.

As with regular bed pillows, a good pillow case should have a high thread count. Don’t skimp and buy the cheapest pillow case that you can find, since it may not provide much protection against stains and anything that you may have on your skin, including body lotions and the natural oils that are always present. If you have a high quality case, you should not have to clean the body pillow itself very often, once or twice a year may be sufficient. Instead, you can just throw the pillow case in the wash as often as you want and pop on your extra case.

It is worth the time and investment to have at least one extra case and to take good care of your body pillow according to the manufacturer’s directions. These pillow can provide you with a comfortable night’s sleep for many years if you keep them protected and clean!

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