How to Bring Herringbone Patterns In With Kitchen Design Ideas

Mickey | Home Improvement | Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

The herringbone pattern is one of the most popular in decorating right now. It uses a lot of basic diagonal lines that all fit together. This is a way to make neutral colors interesting so it will fit in with the rest of your kitchen design flawlessly.

You can really be quite bold with this pattern if you’re willing to get a very even finish. This requires a little bit of math and the effort to get very crisp paint lines. However, it will really be worth it in the end. You could paint this on a few of your upper cabinets or even on the back panel of your kitchen island. Instead of wallpaper you could use this on one of your walls. It could almost mimic a tile backsplash. In this case it’s best to just choose one of the easier ideas. Otherwise it’s just going to seem too busy and it might even make you dizzy.

This is also a great option for wood tones. You can make them a lot more modern just with your accessories. Right now you can find this a lot in sisal rugs. This isn’t going to be the most comfortable rug but it does add a very graphic element. These two designs are really going to give you several wood tones to choose from. This kind of style could even be applicable to a blue bedroom or a teal bathroom.

Since this is on a larger expanse of space stick with very basic neutral colors. Otherwise it will seem too bold. You can just use this in a monochromatic look for two different finishes of paint that can mimic wallpaper. This is really going to just be one of the more subtle ways to do this very graphic pattern in your room. You can also go with a black and white design that will match a lot of appliances and tile that you already have in your space.

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