How to Apply Garage Floor Paint

Mickey | Home Improvement | Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Garage Floor Paint


Applying a garage floor paint is the best way to guard your garage floor against damage.  It will not only make your garage appear appealing, but also add net worth to your home.  Very often, the garage floor is spoiled due to excess usage and by the use of different pieces of equipment, also driving in and out with automobiles regularly causes wear and tear.  Although there are numerous types of floor paints, selecting a low-priced paint will not provide the long-term goal but simply a short-term solution.  Therefore it is always better to apply one of the top paints to shield the garage floor.

Epoxy paint is the best kind of paint to apply.  When compared to the ordinary concrete paints it can be very costly but, applying it will be worth the hard work and will offer more value to the floor.  Lots of companies produce these paints so you have to search for highly regarded companies and acquire a paint from one of them or you can buy the paint from your local home store.  You must follow a few simple steps if you are planning to paint the garage floor.  Let us examine them.

First, because the painting entails the use of paints and other cleaning chemicals make sure that there is good circulation of air.  Then, wash the floor completely and remove the stains on it by scrubbing nicely and using some industrial degreasing products as well.  You should allow it to dry after cleaning and then seal the cracks if any.  By applying an industrial etcher you can roughen the surface for the paint to bond well and then allow it to dry during the night.
At this time your floor is set for painting.  First, apply a primer coat in order to make the garage floor paint durable.  After around 8 hours, apply the paint base coat and you can apply the second coat after 24 hours.  For a perfect finish ensure you use high class brushes or rollers.  You can use your garage after 24 hours but you will have to hold your horses and not drive in the automobiles for about a week.

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