How Much Do Hair Implants Cost?

Mickey | Information | Friday, December 17th, 2010

Baldness has been the curse of men for centuries. Various kinds of treatments have been used to try to produce hair but to no avail. Though certain medicines such as Finasteride and Minoxidil have been successfully developed to stem hair-loss if used in the early stages, they became accessible to many men way too late after they had already gone bald. For them a hair implant procedure is the most effective means to grow hair.

Hair implants involve surgical removal of hair from one region of a man’s head and transplantation at a place where it is desired. It is a successful procedure because the patient’s own tissue is used. It is a permanent procedure and does not require much care. But hair implants cost quite a lot as it involves cosmetic surgery and there is no insurance scheme for this.

The procedure involves removal of hair follicles from the back of the head at the collar-line. A strip of scalp tissue is carefully removed and cut into minute pieces, sometimes called plugs. Careful use of the donor-tissue involves utilization of a plug with a single follicle, or maybe two. The place that receives the plug is opened using a surgical-tool that basically punches a hole in the skin to a suitable depth. The plug is then inserted. Before surgery, the doctor creates a schematic drawing that shows where the plugs are to go. Once the session is completed for the day, the patient’s head is treated with infection prevention medicine and bandaged.

Generally, a transplant costs $6 per plug. A typical transplantation procedure may involve several hundreds to a few thousand plugs, so the final cost may exceed approximately 10,000 dollars. However, in the future, the hair implants cost may decrease significantly as new surgical techniques are developed.

The thing to remember though, is the best approach is to start dealing with hair-loss when it is first noticed and don’t wait till your hair has all fallen out.

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