How I Got Successful at Cold Calling

Mickey | General,Marketing Methods | Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Cold calling is something that has happened in business for a very long time now and often in certain industries it can be the only way to drum up business in the early days. This can be cold calling via phone, email or even just turning up at an office! Most people who do cold calling will tell you it can be a very soul destroying job as you can often get rejection upon rejection however when I first launched my company it was necessary to have to do some cold calling either on the phone or by email.

My first company was called John Doe Events and I was finding it really hard trying to call around to drum up business. I would hardly ever get an email or a call back and most of the important people I tried to speak to were always “in a meeting”.

However, I soon realised my approach was all wrong. I was being too passive. Normally I would call up and say “hello, I am calling from a company called John Doe events….”.

I realised that was a completely wrong way to do it. Popular businesses will get cold calls day in and day out and the secretary has probably heard it enough times to know just to get rid of you quickly. Therefore, I realised I would have to change my approach slightly.

What I started doing when calling up was saying “Hello, Its Tom from John Doe Events….”

Sounds quite similar however, the difference is quite big. The sheer confidence with which I said my company name would have a large effect on getting the persons attention. If your company was a big serious company noone would ever start a sentence with the line “calling from a company called…”

That implies no one has heard of your company and who wants to do business with a company noone has ever heard of?

Be more confident in your approach and talk about your company as if they have been in the industry for years and almost make the buyer believe he is out of the loop if he claims he hasn’t heard of your company. You will notice a big difference in your success rate.

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  1. Confidence is key to being successful in direct sales. Unfortunately it is an industry that receives a lot of rejection. However, if you want to make it in direct sales you have to maintain a positive attitude and overcome the rejection.

    Comment by Bobby — October 11, 2010 @ 5:37 pm

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