Heating The Room With The Help Of Wood Or Multi Fuel Stoves

Mickey | Home Improvement | Monday, February 21st, 2011

For centuries stoves have been used for cooking and heating. In most of the heating stoves there is a combustion chamber and the exhaust gas is released through the chimney. As the smoke exits the chimney, fresh air is sucked in from the room and the burning of fuel continues in the combustion chamber. In the process heat is produced. There are also stoves available that come with the dual feature of cooking and heating. With the help of such a stove, cooking and heating can be done simultaneously. For centuries there have been improvements in the design of the stoves. This has resulted in new stoves that are more efficient and aesthetically appealing. Wood is used as fuel in the wood stoves while different types of fuel source can be used in the multi fuel stoves. These stoves are designed to eliminate the need of electricity and fossil fuels.


Traditionally wood burning stoves use wood as the fuel source. Not only the heat output is high in this but its fuel source wood is also easily available. Usually solid metal structure is used in the making of wood stoves and for controlling of airflow the setup is equipped with adjustable systems. Both varieties of hardwood and softwood are used as fuel in this type of stove. Before installing such a stove, one needs to be sure about the availability of the dry wood.


The popularity of multi fuel stoves has been on the rise as different types of fuels can be used in it. These fuels include corn kernels, compacted charcoal, wood pallets, and wood. By using such a stove the electricity or gas bill can be reduced because there is no need to rely on electricity, LPG or oil. These stoves are also designed to be stylish and match the home décor.

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