Hang an Upside Down Christmas Tree

Mickey | General | Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

This Christmas season has found more people changing the way they set up their holiday trees. The upside down Christmas tree is starting to pick up steam as far as popularity. Though it may seem kind of quirky, many folks are finding that it does present some benefits. There is more room to place those big presents. They no longer have to worry about gifts being confined to a small area. With the point of the tree facing down, the base is as narrow as the tip of a tree. You can find this tree many a Christmas-tree-shop.

Now you have the ability to view all those beautiful decorations at more of an eye level. When you hang the larger ornaments, you will want them to be located at the widest levels of the tree as not to block the view of the smaller ones. The Christmas-tree-shop has even realized more space by hanging their trees with the base pointing up. The aisles are wider and the kids are less likely to knock over the displays. Additionally by keeping the aisles clear, additional room is created t display more merchandise. At home, your upside down Christmas can be suspended from the ceiling using an eye bolt. The higher you suspend the tree the higher you can stack those wonderful presents.

Upside down Christmas trees can be found in many sizes and colors. The latest versions can be purchased with all the necessary lights pre-strung. These trees are best bought in the artificial form as the real tree can be very heavy. As a side purchase, you could by an artificial scent to match the real tree.

So the next time you visit a Christmas-tree-shop, consider bringing in a new idea and purchase a Christmas tree that you can hang from your ceiling. You are sure to add some whimsy and be the talk of the neighborhood. The prices are comparable to the traditional tree.

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