Halogen Floor Lamp Technology

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Halogen bulbs, the lighting element of halogen floor lamps, are very different than incandescent bulbs. Many people are discouraged from using them due to the price which about 4 times that of standard bulbs. Just as many people, however, value the superior light quality and the fact that halogen bulbs last up to 5 times longer than incandescent bulbs and so are worth the price. Basically, the money saved in replacement cost offsets the cost to purchase halogen bulbs.

The reason halogen bulbs are so much more efficient than standard bulbs lies in the design differences. Halogen bulbs are actually 2 bulbs in one. The inner halogen bulb houses the tungsten filament which is the same as found in an incandescent bulb. This inner bulb is also filled with halogen gas. Between the inner and the encasing outer bulb, there is a small space. Standard light bulbs only have the single bulb surrounding the tungsten filament with standard room air.

While the bulb is operating, the tungsten burns away from the filament. In a standard bulb, the burned off tungsten falls inside the bulb which causes it to dim as the tungsten debris builds up. In the halogen bulb, the burned off tungsten is re-deposited back onto the filament. This causes the filament to last longer, which means it will not burn out as quickly as in the standard bulb. Additionally, there is no debris collected inside the bulb causing it to dim. This is how the halogen bulb manages to last so much longer than the incandescent bulbs and produce the stronger, brighter light.

The use of halogen gas causes the halogen bulb to burn much more hotly than standard bulbs. Nothing should touch the bulb while it is burning or for some time after it is out. The inner bulb is sealed and will still function if the outer bulb breaks. However, a single drop of moisture while exposed and burning will cause that inner bulb to explode. Special care should be taken when changing the bulb in a halogen floor lamp because there is a strong risk of burning the hand.

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