Halloween – The Best Holiday?

Mickey | General | Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

There is always a debate about what the best holiday of the year is. Christmas can offer a bounty of fun presents while Valentines day celebrates the magic of love (and chocolate). The Fourth of July provides a chance o go to fun carnivals and see some great fireworks. But above and beyond the festive holidays is the grand master of them all; All Hallows Eve, better know in America as Halloween.

The fun and thrills of Halloween are different for every age group, but no matter your age, it’s a night worth celebrating. Young children get to enjoy endless amounts of delicious, free candy, and spend an entire night dressed up as their favorite super hero or fairy tale character. Teenagers enjoy the social atmosphere of costume parties, and adults use the night for escapist fantasy with funky (often provocative) costumes, food, and the occasional drink.

There’s no denying it though… costumes make the night. Everything is more fun if you’re dressed as a whoopee cushion or a chicken. So if you intend to celebrate Halloween, you’ll have to do it in style. There’s not much fun in dressing like everyone else- you’ll need a unique costume (such as the trendy gothic fairy costume) if you don’t want to be looked at like a goof.

The best costumes are unique, but also recognizable. Dressing up as Superman is boring- dressing up at Marie Curie is too obscure. You don’t want to spend all night explaining your costume to people. Strive for middle ground.Some of the best costume inspiration comes from popular culture.

Lady Gaga, Harley Quinn, or even a sexy green fairy costume are great choices for the ladies while gunslingers and Iron Man are always popular amongst the guys. If all else fails, make your own costume! Wrap your self in tin foil and go as a leftover, make a card board box robot, or string together 4 hoola hoops and call yourself a slinky. People of all ages can have a lot of fun on Halloween. With the right costume and the right atmosphere, Halloween can be the best night of the year.

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