Growing Begonia Plants Indoors And Outdoors

Mickey | Patio and Garden | Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Begonia plants are understandably among the most popular plants to grow – they are colorful, attractive and versatile and can be cultivated and enjoyed both indoors or outdoors. They come in over 1,000 varieties and are easy to find at your local garden center.
If you are growing begonias indoors, rhizomatous and fibrous types tend to be easiest to grow and should be located somewhere with plenty of humidity, as well as indirect but bright sunlight. If your house is dry, place your plants on a shallow container filled with water and pebbles; this will allow the plants to get humidity, along with minimizing the possibility of too much moisture causing disease. Begonias grown indoors are naturally resistant to pests although they are prone to root rot. It’s also important to not over water your plants, a condition which can cause them to die. You should also be sure to only water below the plant’s leaves.
Of course, begonias can be grown outdoors as well and a bed of colorful plants can help to brighten up even the dullest garden. They should be planted in areas that receive partial or full sunlight; and in soil that drains well, ideally a porous loam. When planting outside, dig holes that are around 12 inches apart and deep enough for the root ball – the plant can die if planted too deeply. You should also water your plants as soon as you have planted them, taking care not to water the leaves or over water. Begonias don’t require too much constant care; you should fertilize them periodically and also watch for signs of pests. Begonias generally bloom from around June until the first sign of frost; they don’t like cold weather and should be brought indoors before the nights start to turn too cold.
And if you don’t have much of a yard, but still want to enjoy these beautiful plants outdoors, begonias are ideal for hanging baskets.

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