Green Tea For Easier Weight Loss

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Monday, December 27th, 2010

Nowadays, people are finding more ways in promoting the benefits of weight loss. Majority of these are done through extensive exercise and diet regimens. Recent researches show that green tea has the ability to induce weight loss, in the efforts of finding newer ways for weight loss.

For increasing energy, increasing metabolism, slowing down the process of aging, blocking the absorption of fat in the body and promoting healthy skin, ancient Chinese have been using green tea. With studies done by experts of western medicine, such benefits were proven true. The Camellia sinensis, a common tea plant, is the source of all known teas. The process of oxidation done on tea leaves will determine on the kinds of tea that is produced. The darker your tea is, the more it has undergone oxidation, the more flavorful it becomes. There is not as much aroma and caffeine in green tea since it does not undergo much oxidation process. But more antioxidants and nutrients needed by the body are embodied in green tea. Brewing tea leaves or infusing teabags are some ways on getting yourself that green tea. The quenching ability of green tea also makes it enjoyable hot or cold.

Everybody seems to know about green tea and weight loss nowadays. The extracts from these are even found in bottled slimming teas, slimming teas, slimming capsules and some other forms. Here is how green tea weight loss works. You need to know that green tea contains polyphenols. These would act on the enzymes that would burn excess triglyceride presence in the body which may settle as fats, in the long run. EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) is also present in green tea. This helps in speeding up metabolism and later on, start the weight loss process. This also aids in “thermogenesis”, in which EGCG would dictate the central nervous system to release bodily fat to be used up as body fuel. Such an overview of the green tea weight loss. Studies have also shown that one’s endurance to strenuous activities is improved by the nutrients found in green tea. To reserve the carbohydrates for far more strenuous activities, the fatty acids in liver and muscles are released. This allows losing weight and having more endurance for more energy depleting activities done at the same time.

Far more importantly, one has to know that the green tea weight loss should not be left on its own. It is just a tool to make bodily functions do better. You will not lose weight in a flash by drinking green tea products. For a long term effect, practice good health habits.

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