Great Fun With The Smart Ass Board Game

Mickey | Games | Friday, December 10th, 2010

In the last few weeks we have seen the Smart Ass Game overtake the Hedbanz game for kids in terms of popularity. This is a simple game to play that provides many hours of entertainment for the whole family, but only if we want ti to. The game is played in under half an hour but we will find that as everyone loves to play it so much then we usually end up playing a number of rounds.

The premise is very simple. We have to guess what is being referred to from the clues that are being given. One player reads the clues and everyone else has to find the right time to take a guess. As the clues are read out they get easier. But everyone is only allowed one guess for each cards so we need to get out timing right. Do it too early and get it wrong and we can’t guess again. But wait too long and we will find that others will guess and guess right long before we do.

The Smart Ass game will lead to lots of fun and laughter and will see everyone trying to force themselves not to shout out a word even thought they are not sure that they have the right answer.
We want to make it around the board first and we need to win as often as we can if we are to do this, but our own lack of holding back may work against us.

The smart ass game really is an awful lot of fun and there is no doubt that if you want something that is guaranteed to be loved by the adults and children that are not too young then this is one of the best board games currently on the market without doubt.

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