Grandmother of the Bride Dress- Top 3 Choices

Mickey | Shopping | Sunday, December 12th, 2010

The grandmother of the bride dress as well as the mother of the bride outfit largely depends on the type of celebration planned.  Since brides need to be more hands on when it comes to choosing these outfits, they will need all the guidance they can get.

Mother of the Bride Outfits Guide

For Semi- Formal Weddings

Mother of the brides dresses should be as dignified and composed as possible.  However, if the event is less than formal, going for comfort is always best which means pant suits for mom and grans would be perfectly acceptable.  Skirts would also be fine if either or both of them prefer a more feminine look.

For Formal Weddings

If the event is planned indoors and within a formal set-up, full on dresses are required.  As for the fabric, velvet, silk, and satin are the main choices as they look very dignified and more importantly, they are comfortable to wear.  If there are mobility issues for the mother and/or the grandmother, the dresses should also be adjusted accordingly.

Shoes and Accessories

Flat shoes are recommended for moms and grandmas to keep them comfortable on their feet.  However, it is still prudent to ask their opinion since they may want to wear heels for such occasion.  As for the accessories, the possibilities are endless depending on the wedding venue, theme, and the personal preferences of the bride.  Hats and umbrellas are very common for outdoor weddings (garden, beach, hills, etc.) and they also prove to be very useful especially when the weather is quite unpredictable.

You might also want to tag mom and grandma along when in the process of choosing the dress/outfit so they can give an insight as to what they prefer to wear on such special day.  It is much easier to decide when the particulars come straight from the wearers.

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