Good Surround Sound Speaker Layout

Mickey | Electronics | Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

So you have bought your surround sound system and now you need to set it up properly. A search online will give you different results from the technical to the useless. What you need is a sensible approach with a little common sense thrown in.

Now we are concerned with the set-up and placement of the speakers and there are a number of different systems but the principles remain the same. One of the most common surround sound systems is the five point one surround sound system. This system actually has six speakers aimed at giving a very good quality theatre type sound. If you have  chosen a wireless surround system, even better , the principles are the same but without a few extra wires to get in the way.

The 5.1 system will have six speakers they are : front right, front left, front centre then back right, back left and finally a subwoofer. The subwoofer is a specialist speaker that delivers the low frequency sound effects and the bass, it really adds to the overall theatre sound in a huge way.

Most of the guides will tell you you must do this and that and distance A must equal B etc. These are the guidelines for the perfect installation however, we rarely have perfect rooms to work with. We do not live inside diagrams, we live in working usable rooms. Unless you are using a totally dedicated room for your home cinema system, you will need to adapt the perfect setup  to one suitable for your room.

The manuals and guides give us the basics for the ideal speaker postioning but your individual room will determine the actual surround sound speaker placement . Often our rooms are odd shapes or have doors or even furniture in places where the ideal speaker should be. When it comes down to it adapt the theory as best you can for your room. Remember a room with poor speaker placement will still be much better than a room without any surround sound at all.

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