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Mickey | Kitchen | Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Everyone is accustomed to the standard electric cookers such as steamer, pressure cooker, slow cooker or crock, and the rice cooker, including their advantages over stove-top cookers. Stove-top cookers are those without their integral heating systems and need to be set on the electric or gas stove to cook. But recent technical developments have placed the induction electric cooker a cut over even the self-contained electric cookers.

A few advantages of induction electric cookers?

  • Cold surfaces. Usually, a enclosure contains the electronic components and coil that produces the magnetic field, lidded with a ceramic top onto which the pot or pan is put for cooking. Ceramics are electrical insulators and do not engender heat, staying cold even during cooking. Thus you will not hurt your fingers if you touch it accidentally or purposely, something essential if you have prying children in your home.
  • It is dirt-free. Besides blemishes from accidental food spills during cookware removal, the system is essentially clean: no powder, no burned out byproducts such as carbonized metal, and no tarnished heating elements. Mopping the outside with moistened cloth generally removes whatsoever spots there may be from liquid spilt during cookware removal.
  • Low-priced fuel. Electricity is rather low-cost and accessible almost anywhere.Electricity is still the most inexpensive power aside from being existing generally anywhere.
  • It is not noisy. Any noise in spite of how slight will be a product of its other systems such as the cookware itself, but not of the electric cooking method. The electronic device makes no noise, not even hums.
  • It does not fill great space. The gadget may only be two inches deep at the most, thus most suitable as counter-top electric cooker. Moreover, there must be transferable models in various sizes, at least soon.

So why not look for an electric cooker sale or gas cookers for sale right now?

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