Gas Fire Pit Beauty

Mickey | Patio and Garden | Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Every good host should understand the needs of their guests, especially in potentially uncomfortable environments such as the outdoors. Even in the relative peace and comfort of a backyard or garden, one must take care to serve the guests’ needs. Food, drink and entertainment are relatively easy to handle, but what about temperature? There are ways to control the temperatures of our backyards, using the power of a fire pit. Gas fire pits may look like a prissy and weak functioning tool on the outside, but their interiors pack lots of power. They are meant to be decorative as a way to blend a functional heater with the decor surrounding a yard. They are most definitely not an eyesore in the daylight, as their decorative touch has a lot to give.

How is this decorative look achieved? Using an array of natural and synthetic materials, fire pits are made to look fancy. Let’s start with the fire reservoir, for example. The reservoir is a simple metal bowl which is made to contain fires and stop it from spreading. The impenetrable wall of metal prevents any fire from travelling to a different location. This is important in making fire pits safe to use. You would think that a functional piece like this would be lacking in color and depth. However, the fire reservoirs are colored and shaped into a beautiful design.It’s okay to put plants near the pit, so long as they are hearty, such as the bridal wreath spirea.

Pieces of mosaic ceramics are frequently used to coat flat surfaces on the outside of a gas fire pit.  Special mortar keeps the pieces in place. One of the most common places that mosaics are placed is on the rim. The fire pit rim provides a table space for objects to be placed. Always keep gas containers or fire starters off of this area. Spend some time looking for the perfect design, as it just might pay off.

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