Garden Tool and Dump Carts

Mickey | Patio and Garden | Friday, November 19th, 2010

Most dump carts or gardening carts are built with large diameter wheels with rubber tread to allow for smooth rolling over even on the toughest terrain. There are many models that are available for dump carts or gardening carts.

There are models of dump carts with only two wheels. These models are often associated with wheelbarrows because they look pretty much alike plus these models also have front loading bucket which is filled with garden soil or weeds and can be dumped just like a wheelbarrow. Models of garden carts such as these often have less room to house other gardening stuff unlike the four-wheeled models of dump carts or gardening carts. However, the difference between a simple wheelbarrow and these garden carts is the fact that carts often have a few slots near the handle bars at the front which will still allow you to tuck in and carry some garden tools with you.

There are also varying sizes of garden tool carts that can be purchased. You have to assess first whether you will constantly need to load up a massive lot or just a few pounds of soil or weeds to dump. Small gardens can just make do with garden carts or dump carts that can carry a five pound load.

One of the important things to check in garden carts is their stability. People choose garden carts over wheelbarrow because carts are noted to be free standing and more stable. However, you need to assess this yourself whether the cart you would like to purchase is stable enough to carry a huge load. If you have chosen an elaborate model of garden cart then try to check the slots and pockets and try to see if the cart can carry the weight of the tools that you might place in there. Heavy duty carts can transport products including your propane fire pit or table set.

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