Furniture Repair Kits

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Buying a furniture repair kit is an excellent way to easily restore your household furniture. Whether you need to fix a lovegrove table desk or a reclining chair, a furniture kit is the best way to restore items that have broken down. When a piece of furniture begins to show signs of wear, most customers will automatically throw the entire thing away. However, a repair kit will save you time and money from having to buy a new piece of furniture because most problems can be easily fixed with the right set of tools and instructions.

You will need to choose a repair kit according to the type of furniture you have. If most of your repairs are for vinyl materials, then you will need a cloth kit for tasks like stitching, sewing, and knots. Wood kits for a table desk or chair will require tools for sanding, screwing, gluing, and fastening. Wooden repairing kits require a higher expertise level to use, while vinyl kits can be used by just about anyone.

A typical vinyl kit will have around 200 feet of vinyl strapping, rivets and fasteners, working gloves, a fastening tool, a cutting tool, and an instruction manual. The strapping is the material that is meant for making repairs, so it usually measures one to two inches in width. This makes it big enough to repair most fabric tears, although larger sizes are also available. The strapping can either be bought in one large role or in pre-cut pieces. If you ever run out of vinyl, you can find replacements from almost any cloth store. If your furniture problem is too complicated to fix at home, you may want to take it to an expert instead. A professional repairs man should have all the tools and items necessary to repair your furniture, no matter how severe the problem is.

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