Furnace Filters That Match Your Home

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Friday, November 26th, 2010

A close look into the stuffs that are in your home will certainly convince you that your home is distinct from anyone else’s around. The amount of fabric that is used in the drapes, the extent of carpeting, the number of rugs and upholstered furniture pieces, the number of people, the pets, the frequency of cooking and other activities can actually help you define the particular condition of your home and its indoor air.

Adding the elements from the outside to your indoor environment will make you realize that the quality of indoor air has its distinct condition and needs. You must use a specific furnace filter. Truly, not all homes are similar and not every type of filter works well for every home. Find out what type does your home call for.

Dusting and vacuuming around the house can remove large particles, but the pollutants that your filter removes are those that are so minute that not even your nose can restrict them from reaching your lungs. You surely want more than a disposable MERV 4 fiberglass filter that removes large particles only. You would want better protection from airborne health hazards by using pleated filters of thicker construction, electronic filters, electrostatic filters, activated carbon filters and HEPA filters.

Pleated filters, like the pleated Honeywell furnace filter, provide layers of media that filter the air in as many times as there are pleats. Electronic filters use electricity to magnet dirt and dust with the advantage of capturing more pollutants as the filter becomes dirty. Electrostatic filters have the same filtration as the electronic ones; the difference is that they use natural charge. One must be careful, though, to choose the filter that uses appropriate materials in its construction because some media actually lessen the filter’s charge as the filter continues to work. Activated carbon and HEPA filters are needed only in environments needing close to pure air like hospitals. There are also anti-allergen filters for families with sensitivity to allergies and asthma.

Today, furnace filters may even be hybrids of the types. Already you can find pleated filters with carbon, putting together the benefits of two types in a filter. Look closely at the pluses and minuses among filters. Worth checking out is every Honeywell furnace filter. Honeywell has varied filters to offer to make sure that your furnace gets the most fitting filter and that the home gets the cleanest and healthiest air.

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