Furnace Filter Materials

Mickey | Home Improvement | Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Much of the effectiveness and lifespan of the furnace filter is determined by the materials that are used in its construction and the standards of craftsmanship that the manufacturer invests in the product. The kinds of materials in the furnace air filter are a good indication of the filter’s performance, helping you find the ones that are suited to your home’s furnace.

Disposable filters are constructed out of fiberglass and cardboard frames that make them good for throwing after weeks of use. Electronic filters are made with an aluminum center screen, replaceable collector pads, aluminum mesh and aluminum frame. These materials ensure a sturdy filter. Every one to two months, you simply substitute the pad with a new one instead of washing. These filters come with 12 inexpensive pads that save you from buying them when the furnace air filter needs a new contaminant and dust collector. Their efficiencies also do not decline with use. Electrostatic filters are crafted with electrostatic polypropylene mesh and polyester, an aluminum frame, secured corners and galvanized wire mesh. Other better models use polyurethane foam media instead of polyester; this makes the natural charge of the materials work longer than the usual models of this kind. HEPA filters are created with cotton, polyester or synthetic fibers that help them achieve excellent efficiency ratings. These filters are also aided by the pleated design. Activated carbon or charcoal filters have carbon or charcoal pigments in the pleated material, making them absorbent of odors and contaminants.

When buying a furnace filter, it pays to check the materials so that you can find the filter that guarantees the most effective removal of the pollutants in your indoor air and the long life of the furnace air filter. For example, when you believe that the performance of electrostatic filters decrease with continued use, you can go for electronic filters whose effectiveness even increase as the collection pads gather particles. For effective absorption of toxins and harmful chemical smells, you can choose filters with added activated carbon.

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