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Mickey | Health and Wellness | Friday, January 7th, 2011

Obesity is a growing problem in modern societies around the world. Kids these days prefer playing video games and sipping Coke to exercising and learning how to lose body fat. Indeed a cardio workout is unknown to many kids. It is a sad sight to see 10 or 11 year-old boys and girls terribly overweight. School teachers and welfare workers try to educate parents, but many parents think the whole obesity thing is nothing but a storm in a teacup. “It’s only baby fat, Mikey will grow thinner,” say fathers, taking long pulls on their beer. Unfortunately kids like Mikey don’t grow thin, they become fatter until doctors are telling those same parents that if “Mikey doesn’t lose weight, he’s not going to be around for his next birthday.” It is this news that shocks parents into action. The first thing parents do is cut their kid’s food intake; from now on, no burgers, Coca Cola or candy. This usually gets kids, similar to Mikey, complaining non-stop. How to lose body fat and become a healthy person, are the kinds of books and Internet websites, parents start actively researching. Various running programs at the local gym are also investigated. Soon they learn that a cardio workout will make the heart stronger and it becomes able to put up with the excess body weight.

Many parents live in denial of their child’s obesity; they convince themselves that the fatness of their child is not permanent and as the kid grows, the fat will shed. Alas, how wrong they are to assume that fat will magically disappear; it needs to be worked off. How to lose body fat is what young single people are always interested in learning and although the reasons are probably narcissistic, knowing how to keep in good physical condition is important. Performing a daily cardio workout will add years to your life. People like the aforementioned Mikey should take care of their health through exercise. Over the weeks and months, parent enroll their child in weight reducing clinics as well as various running programs, all designed to give a long and happy future to a child’s life.

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