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Mickey | Outdoors | Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Camping is one of the favorite summer and holiday activities of many families. When you go camping, it is important to bring compact, portable and lightweight items so that you will not have a hard time in carrying those items. Remember that camping is not exactly the same as going on a luxury vacation so you do not have to bring all the best things that you have at home. Among the things that campers like to bring with them as they go camping are folding stools. The folding stools meet the requirements of compactness, portability and light weight.

A folding stool serves many purposes during camping. You can sit on the stool while you eat or you can use the stool as dining table in order to prevent insects on the ground from getting on the food. A folding camp stool may also serve as desk where you can plan your activities or table where you can place your laptop or portable television in case you brought one.

It will be more comfortable to be seated on a folding stool than on the ground especially if the rain has just passed and the ground is wet. When you bring folding stools on a campsite, make sure than the stools that you bring will be able to withstand the elements present in the campsite. Bringing folding wooden stools is deemed better than bringing plastic stools since wood is a stronger material compared to plastic.

If you are keen on getting folding stools, you can find brand new items from the department store, local home furniture store or online furniture outlet. If you want cheaper folding stools, you can buy second-hand models from a garage sale, flea market or online auction site. You will spend the least amount of money if you make your own folding stools. Folding stools made from wood are actually easy to make.

There are a number of factors that you must consider before you buy or make folding stools. The first consideration is the size of the users because this will be the basis in identifying the size of the stools that you need. Determine if the folding stools will be transported in a car or if they will be carried by hand or as part of a backpack. This information will help in deciding what kind, form, size and material of folding stools will be ideal.

Finally, when you buy or make folding stools to be used in camping, make certain that the stools are appropriate for the occasion. Otherwise, the stools will not serve their purposes well.

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