Flannel Sheet: Looking In-Depth

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Friday, November 19th, 2010

Flannel Sheets


With good reasons, flannel sheets are among the most widely-used and popular bed sheets in the marketplace today. Flannels are very soft and comfortable and they can keep users warm at night. Flannel sheets are different from other bed sheets because they are brushed and they are generally thicker and heavier. These sheets are the perfect bedding choices for winter months and they can also be used during non-winter nights because nights in general are cold. Flannel sheet sets give great warmth and comfort no matter what season it may be.

Flannel is not limited to one particular fabric because it can be made from cotton, wool, polyester and other synthetic materials. Flannel sheet sets are even available in blends of natural and synthetic fabrics in order to be more cost-effective and to have the best traits of both natural and synthetic fabrics. However, flannel sheets are commonly made from cotton because this fabric material is naturally soft and very much safe to use.

Many people misguidedly believe that flannel sheets are available only in familiar plaids that are popular among flannel shirts. While many flannel sheets are made in plaids, there are actually numerous flannel options that come in solid colors and various patterns. Flannel sheets can be availed as a set or individually. If you buy per set, the contents of one set generally have the same designs and styles but if you buy individually, you can select sheets with different designs and styles. Even if you choose to buy per piece and not as a set, you can still get fitted and flat sheets with designs, styles and colors that complement each other.

It may not have crossed your mind but flannel sheets contribute to energy efficiency at home. With the use of flannel sheets, you can keep the heater at a few degrees lower and this can reduce your energy bill. There is no need to keep the heater at a high degree because the flannel sheets already warm you at night.

Flannel sheets do not only keep the energy bill low but they also come in handy because they are easy to care. They are machine washable and can be line dried or dried in the dryer. The modern flannels are offered with pill-resistant features so you do not have to worry about pilling. In terms of price, you will still come out a winner if you purchase flannel sheets because these items are low-priced considering the many benefits that you get from their use. Keep these things in mind because they may prove to be helpful when you later need to acquire sheets for your bedding needs.

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